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Our Home Theater

We enjoy watching movies at home. The popcorn is fresh, the beverage selection is great, and the seating is comfortable. To improve the experience we added 5 channel surround sound plus a subwoofer, a real kettle type popcorn popper, and a large screen HD capable TV/monitor. The Mitsubishi WS-55805 TV/monitor is a relic by today’s standards, it was built in 2000 and is uses CRT rear projection technology. But it is has a 55” widescreen display capable of 1080i HD and the picture still looks great! All I need to do is touch up the convergence and focus once and a while. It has better color reproduction than a lot of the modern flat panel LCD displays.

We have Verizon FiOS service that provides a huge selection of HD material. We also have a Roku digital player connected to the TV that provides access to Netflix instant streaming, Pandora, Facebook photos, weather, Amazon video, and other internet based services.

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