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Surround Speakers

I built 5 Adire Audio (no longer in business) Kit 281 speakers to upgrade our surround sound. The Left and Right mains were built as tower vented speakers. The Center and two Surrounds are sealed.

The following is from the Kit 281 instructions:

“Welcome to Adire Audio’s KIT281 loudspeaker system. The KIT281 is a high-efficiency MTM system designed for home audio reproduction, as well as home theater applications. It features two Adire Audio AV8 midwoofers and a single Audax TM025F1 tweeter per side, which yield a system sensitivity of 92 dB SPL @ 2.83 Vrms.”

The components for one speaker as received from Adire Audio. The crossovers are pre-wired and ready for use.

There are 2 8” Adire AV8 midwoofers per speaker. The tweeter is an Audax TM025F1.

These are all of the cut and routed blanks for the 5 speakers. They are made from 3/4” MDF. It took 2 4X8 sheets to make the 5 speakers.

The speaker cabinets wer built according to the Adire Audio Kit 281 application note.

The hole at the bottom of the main fronts is for the vent port.

Here are all 5 of the cabinets just before the front panels are attached.

The vented Left and Right Mains are 48” high, 9” wide, and 14” deep. They have a net volume of 61 liters and are tuned to 28.8 Hz. Each will be stuffed with 24 oz. of polyfill.

The sealed center and surrounds are 22” by 9” by 14”. They have a net volume of 27 liters and a Qtc of 0.81. Each will be stuffed with 16 oz. of polyfill.

The notch in one of the braces is to allow clearence for the tweeter.

The crossovers were attached to short pieces of dowel which is then glued to the rear of each enclosure behind the mid-woofers. Two crossovers are used per speaker, one for the tweeter and the other for the mid-woofers. The picture below is a tweeter crossover.

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